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We, Shellman Co., Ltd, were established in 1971 in Tokyo, Japan.
The Company has been leading dealer of antique watches such as Patek Philippe, as well as antique jewelry, and providing "top quality" for over 40 years through eight shops in Tokyo. We are the first company to put one year guarantee for antique watches as are confident ourselves on selection and quality.

In 1992, Camille Fournet Japon Co, Ltd was established as joint venture with Shellman and Camille Fournet SA in France which is the major and the best watch strap maker in the world.
Finally, the Company started Shellman original watch series in 1996 with its confident will.

Shellman also distributes top hand made independent watch makers such as Mr. Philippe Dufour, Mr. Svend Andersen, and Mr. Beat Haldimann.Our concept was learnt through 40 years of experience. Again, thank you for visiting our website. If you have any comments or messages, please send an e-mail to int.sales@shellman.co.jp We look forward to hearing from you!

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