Grand Complication "PREMIUM"

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Grand Complication "CLASSIC"

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Grand Complication "CLASSIC"
Metal Bracelet Version

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Grand Complication

Side Slide Minute Repeater

Dual Time Repeater

Can you still say, "I don't like Quartz watches!"??
Some of the collectors say, "I don't like Quartz watches" just because traditional taste in missing. Well,..we can not deny the fact that Quartz watches look low cost merchandised.
But on the other hand, many mechanical watches have deep taste, and art craft by human being, let's say.
A complicated timepiece, having a minute repeater, perpetual calendar, moon phase, and split second chronograph would make many watch lovers fascinated. There are several beautiful art craft, complicated watches at top brands. But problem is, their prices are "sky high" as we all know. For example, just with minute repeater function, easily cost US$ 100.000. This fact is more than enough to say "not for me !"
Here is a solution. "Shellman" has developed Original Grand Complication with quartz movement to give an opportunity to enjoy all of those functions at an affordable price.
The case & dials are beautifully finished as are the gold plated moon and stars, even the most of major brands does it as a printing, we can say, we are different.
The sound of minute repeater is clear to hear. It uses 1/4 second step motor for letting chronograph action closer to a mechanical movement. We also take this opportunity to tell you that our Grand Complication takes four months to be manufactured 300 pieces. We can recommend our "Grand Complication" "SIDE SLIDE Minute Repeater" "Dual Time Repeater" to all of watch lovers, and hope to enjoy actually.
In 1997, "Shellman Grand Complication" was placed on the market, and in the same year our Grand Complication received two "Watch of the year" from leading Japanese watch publication. Also in 1998 the watch got a place for permanent exhibits at the most authoritative watch museum "La Chaux-de-fonds" in Switzerland.

Shellman Original Watch Story

Shellman Original Watch First Model

Shellman Original Watch First Model "Minute Repeater"

This is a "Shellman Original Watch" first model. It was built in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of its founding Shellman. This model was made only 300 pieces.

La Chaux-de-Fonds Musée international d'horlogerie <New updated!

Muséeinternational d'horlogerie

Museum's entrance

Shellman Grand Complication "CLASSIC" and Shellman World Time Minute Repeater "Cloisonné Dial" are permanent exhibits in ”La Chaux-de-Fonds Musée international d'horlogerie”. It is a pride for us.

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Super Meister "Hashiba-san"

Shellman watches are hand set.

"CITIZEN Heiwa Factory" is in Iida City Nagano Pref. "Minami-Shinshu Koukyu Tokei Kobo" is meaning special manufacture line for high grade watches.

All Shellman products are manufactured by this CITIZEN's special line. It's mean that all Shellman Original Watches are assembled manually by "Meister". Mrs Hashiba is "Super Meister".
She carefully assembles them at special line. Thus, Shellman Original Watches are assembled each one carefully.

Shellman Original Watch Archive

Side Slide Minute Repeater 1st model

Shellman "Side Slide Minute Repeater"
A famous mechanical watch of this kind would cost you in excess of $100,000 but Shellman "Side Slide Minute Repeater" is affordable to every day. The watch is styled discreetly and expresses an exclusivity of its own.

The quartz minute repeater movement and the side slide lever to trigger it can be found only in the Shellman Side Slide Minute Repeater. A simple looking but traditionally styled. We are convinced that watch lovers will be wearing it with much pride.