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The following "Site Policy" states the conditions for use of the "" (hereinafter referred to as "this Site") managed by Shellman Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shellman") Before using this site on the web, please read and review the following conditions:

Copyright and Trademark:

All information provided by Shellman in this Site is protected by the copyright act of each country, variety of treaties and any applicable law. Each piece of character details, image and design expressed and stated on each page in this Site belongs to Shellman and/or the original designers.

Restrictions covering the use of any information:

Customers can access each page of this Site; they can take and display any Shellman page only for personal use. They are prohibited and /or restricted of taking and displaying any Shellman page for commercial purposes. In addition, customers can download and print out information, image and design for personal use only. However, users cannot use any pieces of test information, image or design from any page in this Site without the permission of Shellman for any other purpose except as mentioned above.


The contents of websites (hereinafter referred to as "link Sites") linked to Shellman site are not under the control of "Shellman". Shellman is not responsible for the contents of "link Sites" or any damage that may be caused by the link sites to users that access them. Each "link Site" has it's own rules and /or conditions of use. If you would like to put links on your site linking with our website, please contact:

Forbidden clauses:

Shellman forbids the following when users use our Site:

  • 1. Any act or acts of inflicting damage on Shellman and /or a third party, or any act or acts of leading to inflict damages on us or a third party.
  • 2. Any act or acts of defaming or harming Shellman's or a third party's reputation.
  • 3. Any act or acts against public order and good morals that may be against public order and good morals.
  • 4. Any criminal act and/or acts that leads to a crime.
  • 5. Any act or acts making a false statement or a notice of personal data on a third party without his or her consent.
  • 6. Any act of acts providing a harmful program or programs such as a computer virus.
  • 7. Any act or acts violating laws, statures or regulations.
  • 8. Any act or acts that Shellman judges to be inappropriate.

Exclusion of Liability:

Shellman is most careful to the data and information on our site, but we do not guarantee the correctness, validity, security and we do not accept any responsibility for any damages when users browse this Site. Shellman may change the data on this Site of suspend or stop operation without prior notice. Shellman does not bear the responsibility for any damages for any reason.

Privacy Policy

* The following sections cover Shellman's practice of handling personal data of each customer on this Site.
* Personal Data, covers identifiable information related to you and/or individual information such as your address, name, age, phone number, email address, ordering products and agreed payment terms provided by you through this Site.
* Shellman is authorized to collect personal data from buyers through this Site, and if you do not wish to provide personal data, you can refuse to do so, however customers may not be able to purchase our products on this Site because shopping on "Shellman Online Shop" (hereinafter referred to as "this shop") requires personal data on each and every customer when he and/or she is ordering products from our Site.
* All personal data provided by users and/or customers is complied for the reasons clearly stated above. If any information needs to be used for any other purpose, we will inform you in advance and you can refuse to give us permission to use your personal data if you are not in agreement.
* Also, Shellman does collect information from the "access log" on this Site. This information is used for the compilation of statistics and not for identification of any individual.
* Shellman will not give, share, sell or loan any personal information to any third party, except for cases that come under the following exceptions:

  • 1. When Shellman obtains your consent
  • 2. When it is agreed that Shellman discloses data to an associated company in order to answer your questions, such as asking our factory the delivery date for the product that you ordered from our "Shop".
  • 3. When Shellman needs to disclose your data to an outsourcing company and / or a collaborating company that has a maintenance agreement with Shellman.
  • 4. When Shellman processes personal data in unidentifiable format for statistical data.
  • 5. When there is a fatally or physically imminent peril, or an impending risk to properties of a third party, and Shellman has to disclose personal data on him or her.
  • 6. When Shellman is asked to disclose your personal data by a public organization, such as a court, and the police in accordance with laws and ordinances.

* Please contact us by email if there are any corrections and/or cancellations regarding your personal data.


* Cookies are the alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to a hard drive of your computer through your web browser. This enables our systems to recognize your browser and to provide features including storage of your access history until your next visit to our Site.
* When turning on your browser, you can choose functions to prevent any computer from accepting cookies and/or disabling them. However a part of our features, including online shopping on our Site cannot be used if you do so. We recommend that you enable cookies on your browser while shopping on our Site.

Revision of our "Site policy":

This Site is subject to change without prior notice. Shellman will advise any significant changes. Please check our updated site policy at any time. If you have any comments and/or questions, please contact via email.