Mr.Daniel Roth and Mr.Philippe Dufour

Independent Watch Maker
Shellman is deeply interact with many independent watch makers. Shellman is official distributor of Mr.Philippe Dufour and Mr.Daniel Roth. They often visit to Shellman. They usually spend good time with many Japanese big fun.

Mr.Dufour is very famous in these days. Many Japanese media introduce him and his "Simplicity" So, there are many big fun in Japan.

Mr.Roth is very famous all over the world. His "2 Minutes Tourbillon " is very hard to manufacture it. You can see "2 Minutes Tourbillon " at Shellman Ginza Shop. As we all know, they are users of Shellman Original Watches. Shellman released Photo Book "Les createurs du temps" for Mr.Daniel Roth and Mr.Philippe Dufour. You can buy it at Shellman online store.

Philippe Dufour Simplicity

Jean Daniel Nicolas 2 minutes Tourbillon

Jean Daniel Nicolas 2 minutes Tourbillon

Photo Book "Les createurs du temps" for Mr.Daniel Roth and Mr.Philippe Dufour

Size300x215mm128page Photography Kazuyuki Takahashi Publisher Shellman Description Excellentwatchmakers capture our hearts by their enormous skill and creativity in makingmechanical watches. Especially genuine craftsman called "Indipendent watchmakers" affect and lead watch industry. Among them Mr.Daniel Roth and Mr.Philippe Dufour are the top of them. Mr.Roth establishedhisnew brand "Jean Daniel Nicolas". He has just released "2 minutes Tourbillon" which is the world first mechanism and one of the most beautiful watch ever made. He spent 3years to developand create it. Mr.Dufour is famous for histraditional style of watch making and his great watches such as ßÂrande et Petite Sonnerie Repetition Minuteî and "Simplicity".

We published ßÆescreateurs du temps (The TimeCreator)î. In the photo book you can see the daily lives of world-class watchmakers in Switzerland. Until now we have been providing their watches but have no opportunity to introduce their real style of watch making. We really would like to carry it to you. It is completed in collaboration with Mr.Kazuyuki Takahashi, famous photographer. Wewent Switzerland 4 times and finally this photo book was finished.

Mr.Rothis known as a person of artistic temperament and Mr.Takahashi , who first met Mr.Roth, was not accepted at the beginning. There was a day that he had to wait for a long time to click the shutter and could take only 1 picture in a day. But Mr.Roth gradually got used to him and came to devote himself to his work without caring the camera. Through heart-to-heart relationship between The Roth and Mr.Takahashi, he got to understand what Mr.Roth aims for his work.

Mr.Dufour who constantly maintains ultimate works is the master of masters. He concentrated and unmoved even if the camera came close up to 10cm. In the atelier he places the photo of his best friend watchmaker who died in a traffic accident. He tries his best for the friend. Mr.Takahashi says Mr.Dufour is one of the watchmakers who always grab his heart.

Through their daily lives which we cannot see, you will feel their passion and spirit for watch making as a genius watchmaker. You will also find their other faces as a father, a husband and a man in this photo book.

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