Shellamn SIDE SLIDE Minute Repeater

What is this lever all about? (Fig.3) The lever enables you to, hear the time. By sliding the lever you activate the watch's repeat mechanism, which through different bell sounds - tells you the actual time in hours, quarter of an hour and minutes. Yes, there are digital quartz watches that will indicate the current time through sounds, but this analog minute repeater looks and tells the time like the most exclusive mechanical minute repeaters of early 20th century!
The quartz minute repeater movement and the side slide lever to trigger it can be found only in the Shellman SIDE SLIDE Minute Repeater. A famous mechanical watch of this kind would cost you in excess of $100.000.00 but Shellman's Minute Repeater is affordable to everybody. The watch is styled discreetly and expresses an exclusivity of its own.
A simple looking but traditionally stylish SIDE SLIDE Minute Repeater! We are convinced that watch lovers will be wearing it with much pride. To recreate luxurious and noble style of the early century, attention was paid as making every aspect of this watch resemble the famous model three quarter of a century ago. Starting with the repeat -lever itself, the dial, the Roman numerals and the watch-hands, all aspects were carefully conceived and executed perfectly.


Shellman "SIDE SLIDE Minute Repeater" is Limited model. (40th Anniversary Edition) This watch was made in the motif of the design of the 30's.

This type model's strap is colored "burgundy red". This strap is made for only this model by "Camille Fournet" (Strap material is cordovan)
This type model's strap is colored "marine".This strap is made for only this model by "Camille Fournet" (Strap material is cordovan)
"SIDE SLIDE" lever is the largest feature. If you slide this lever,you can enjoy beautiful "Minute Repeater" sound. It is beautiful mirror-finish case.
Beautiful blue colored minute hand and hour hand. It is a good texture in the face of the dial is enamel.


◦Display functions:Hours,minutes, seconds
◦Minute repeater:time notification
◦Incomplete reference position alignment procedure warning function

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 Size of case Diameter 33mm, Thickness 11mm
 Weight Approximately 70g including Cordovan strap


Case / Stainless steel  
Glass / Sapphire crystal glass

 Movement Quartz ,Cal-6890(Accuracy +/- 20 seconds/month) Not water proof

Repeater (time notification) function
Incomplete reference position alignment procedure warning function 

 Accessories Camille Fournet Cordovan strap (Antisweat) Color:Burgundy red or Marine (Dark blue)
 Origin Case and movement / Japan Codovan Strap  /  France
 Life of Battery Approximately 2 years(when the repeater is sounded for 18 seconds per day on average)Battery type : 280-44(SR927W)
Battery life varies according to the number of times the repeater is used. 
 Warranty Two years

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