Shellman Dual Time Repeater

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This indicator shows local time and calendar (Time difference from leap year(years) and month)
This indicator shows local time's AM/PM.
This indicator shows main watch's second.
Alarm sound ON OFF (Alarm-1,Alarm-2 and Local Time Alarm)

Please click each photos, you can see large size.


◦Hand display calendar
Day, date(normal display):Month, leap year display dependent on push button switching Leap year/end-of-month automatic adjustment
◦Alarm-1:Alarm rings once at set time (Setting is cancelled)
◦Alarm-2:Alarm rings every day at set time (daily alarm)
◦Local time:Hour, minute, AM/PM indication, 30-minute increment settings
◦Local time alarm:Alarm rings every day at set (local) time. Alarm-1,Alarm-2,Local time alarm can all be set in one-minute increments.
◦Minute repeater:Two different sound chimes for hour, quarter hour and minute signals are used to indicate the current time
◦Sound monitor:Allows confirmation of all Alarm-1, Alarm-2, Local time alarm sound
◦Other:Incomplete time settings waning indication incomplete initial setting warning indication


 Size of case
Diameter 40mm, Thickness 13mm
 Weight Approximately 130g including stainless steel bracelet


Case / Stainless steel  
Glass / Domed Sapphire crystal glass

 Movement Quartz ,Cal-6760(Accuracy +/- 20 seconds/month)Water resistance for daily use

Minute repeater,Perpetual calendar until 2100,Hand display calendar,Alarm-1 Alarm-2,Local time,Local time alarm

 Accessories Original stainless steel bracelet
 Origin Case and movement / Japan Stainless steel bracelet / China
 Life of Battery

about 2 years Alarm-1(10sec):once/2 days  
about 2 years Alarm-2(16sec):once/day
Local time alarm(15sec):once/4 days
Minute repeater(17sec):once/day
Battery type : 280-44(SR927W)
The life of the battery sec is dependent on the amount of alarm use. 

 Warranty Two years

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